Singapore's 1st Baby Clothes Subscription

Your baby’s skin will be in contact with clothes throughout the day so we curate clothing that uses 100% high-grade cotton to ensure the clothes are in high quality and long-lasting. We selected pieces from brands that allows your baby to stay comfortable in the hot and humid Singapore climate.

The little one grows up so quickly. Before you know it, it's another growth spurt and they outgrow the entire set of clothes. Fret not -- let us know and we’ll ship a new Bambino box for FREE to ensure your baby can fit comfortably in their everyday clothes. And what do you do with the outgrown clothes? Simply ship it back to us in the same box. We’ll take care of the clutter for you so you don’t have to worry about additional storage space.

If we keep buying and throwing away, it will have major consequences to our children's future. Singapore's landfill will run out of space by 2035 -- this needs to change to ensure our children have a better place to thrive.

That's why we created Bambino - baby clothing subscription for like-minded parents. We want to create the most sustainable way to dress your baby.

How it works?

 Singapore's first baby clothes rental service. It is a revolving wardrobe for your baby. Every month, we'll send a new box and you return the previous sets.

You will receive baby clothes that always fit.


Each Bambino box contains 10 sets of high quality essential cotton baby clothes - available from 0 to 24 months.

It will be a mix of long and short sleeve onesies and a few 2-piece sets.


See what our subscribers have to say:

"I thought it would be useful to share my experience - in my case, since circuit breaker ended baby has been shuffling between my parents in law and my place, so clothes were needed for both places, but I felt it didn’t make sense to buy so many! So your box comes in handy to help ensure I do have clothes at my place for baby (: and they were all so good quality and cute!"

- Rebecca Y.


"Babies outgrow their perfectly good condition clothes really fast! If you are looking for wallet friendly options and supports the idea of sustainability, you can look into Bambino. They offer subscription of baby clothes and support sustainability. It's a pretty new concept in Singapore."
- Ming Yee

Wallet-Friendly Choice

Purchasing a whole set of new clothes every few months is very costly especially high-quality ones. With Bambino, our monthly subscription is only $25 (about $0.80 a day). Now your baby can always look stylish without breaking the bank.

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