How it works

Bambino Subscription How It Works
  1. Select a pack (expecting mummies are welcome too!)

  2. Receive your first Bambino box!

  3. Enjoy your Bambino box worry-free!

  4. One month later, swap out the old set for a fresh set!

P/S: We would love to see more little ones enjoying Bambino's pieces. Please share with us through email or tag us on social media photos of your little one wearing them.


We wash all the returned pieces with baby-friendly, mild and gentle washing liquid. We tested different detergents and chose this because we want to ensure the detergent do not contain additives that may trigger skin allergy. We walk the extra mile to assure the comfort and safety of your little ones.  

Best of all, you don't even have to worry about washing before returning the pieces. Our team will inspect and wash each piece of clothes to ensure it's ready to go.


Changed your mind? As parents ourselves, we understand that circumstances changes sometimes. So we got your back!

Simply send us an email to let us know and we can pause/cancel your subscription. We'll arrange for the Bambino box collection at no-cost. 

Ready to change the way you purchase baby clothes?

Select your subscription (starting from $28 per month):



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The Complete Pack

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The Night Night Pack


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