Sustainable Burp Cloth

Sometimes a piece of clothing may have fabric that is largely still of very good condition, but can no longer be included in our subscription packs because of an unremovable stain.

It seems like such a waste for clothing like that to be going to the landfill, and so we decided to find ways to keep using them. Since burp cloths come in different shapes and sizes, and are used by every parent with their baby, we thought they would make a good option.

Our burp cloths are made by Sewing Mums. Sewing Mums is a social enterprise that supports mothers with children who are chronically ill. It provides learning and home-based work opportunities to these mothers, who are otherwise unable to find regular employment due to their children's care needs. 

In Bambino, we want to be able to help parents from all walks of life to prepare and care for their babies while being gentle to the environment. Whether is through our subscription or purchasing this burp cloth, know that you are already taking the first step to be sustainable! Mindful choices, happy baby, greener environment!

3 products

3 products