Why Baby Clothes Subscription?

When Bambino just started, it was a very new concept in this part of the world. In fact, when we were researching, there was no such service in Singapore. So we decided to start one. 

Then we start to get a lot of questions on why do we want to launch a subscription model for baby clothes. So here are the reasons why!

Baby grows fast

baby clothes not fit

On average, babies go through 7 clothes sizes in their first 2 years of life. If each size we were to get an average of 10 pieces of clothes that will be 70 pieces of clothing (not forgetting the socks, bibs, disposable diapers etc etc etc). And I think many parents will agree with us that good quality baby clothes are expensive. With our subscription plan, you can switch sizes easily without breaking the bank!

Time is precious

I was watching a video on TikTok showing a mom not folding her laundry. She just sorted her children's laundry into the different bins and it took her 4 minutes. This does not include prewashing, drying, packing of outgrown clothes, shopping for new ones... Think about all the time that you can spend with your little bub instead of doing all those. 

Declutter and Hassle Free

I was once told that when you have a baby, your space immediately shrank. It took me a while to understand this. What used to be our bedroom now becomes 3/4 baby's and 1/4 ours. With each size that the baby outgrows, you will need to look for space to store the clothes. Even if you are giving away or selling them, there are still a lot of processes to go through. With a baby clothes subscription plan, you can have more purposeful use of the space at home and we take care of the outgrown clothes. 

Access and not own 

Baby Clothes Sizes - Baby Clothes Size Chart


With many baby clothes brands out there, it is really hard to tell which one is suitable for you and your little one. What most parents do is to buy some of each brand and decide. What will happen to the clothes that are not suitable? With a subscription plan, you can try out different brands without splurging on clothes that might not fit or quality that doesn’t match the price tag. Especially so since most of us shop online now.

Show love to mother earth

Many of us have participated in clothes donation drives or gave away clothes. Some of us may even look at brands which claim that they are sustainable. But this article really highlights what happened to the donation drives' clothes. The article also highlighted that there isn't any clothes brand that is fully sustainable. The most sustainable way is to stop buying. We hope that by starting a subscription plan for baby clothes, we can play a small part in reducing the demand for fast fashion which will then indirectly reduce textile waste. 

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