How many clothes does your baby need?: Newborn edition

When I first became a parent, I was so excited about all the baby clothes that I can buy. The teddy bear print for sleep, the navy theme for going out, the animal-prints onesies look too darn cute to not to buy. Before I knew it, I have a closet full of baby clothes (and baby was not even born yet). 

And then came baby! There I was imagining I can put on all the different outfit for him (I even contemplating about coming up with a fashion calendar for him). But, life has a way to hit you with the truth....HARD! As a new mother, there are just so many things to do. Recuperating, breastfeeding, learning to take care of a newborn, sleep-deprived. A fashion calendar is probably the last thing you want to go through. And when there are episodes of a poo-nami or spit up, you probably just want to reach for the closest clothing that you can. 

So in this post, I hope that I can help you to decide how many pieces of clothes you need for each stage of your baby. Enough so that you don't have to do laundry every day and not too many that it is wasteful. 

Do I even need Newborn sizes?

Many people's answer will probably be NO. That's because baby will probably outgrow this size in a matter of weeks. While on the whole we agree, we also think that it is a mistake not to get any, especially on the essential pieces. Our baby was absolutely swimming in a 0-3 size in the beginning and I was so worried that something will caught on the loosely fitted part and I will drop the baby (PPA is real!). So getting the NB sizes gave me some sense of security and to be honest, babies in fitted clothes look good in photos. 

So what do I need?

Here is our suggestion for the clothes in Newborn Size. 

For onesies, we prefer button-front or kimono-style so that the clothes do not need to go over the baby's head (babies hate this). In the event of a spit up or poo-nami, it'll be much easier to remove off the baby as well.

As for pajamas, we prefer snap buttons or zippers, and it'll be an additional bonus if it has fold-over mittens! There are different opinions when it comes to camp buttons or camp zippers. That will be a topic for another day!

To better prepare for your newborn..

Preparing for a newborn is no easy feat. So many decisions to make with so many choices. For a hassle-free option to prepare for your newborn's clothing, you can pick up our Newborn Pack. All the clothes will be in Newborn (or suitable for a newborn) size. Furthermore, you will not need to go through the pain of packing/storing/giving away/selling the outgrown clothes. More time to create memories with your little one!


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