How Bambino Keeps Your Baby Clothes Clean and Comfy

As parents ourselves, we know cleanliness and hygiene are important when it comes to baby clothing! Babies are still strengthening their immune systems and we don't want them to fall ill too often (not to mention how hard it is to take care of them when they do).

That's why we've been working with For the Love of Laundry to keep Bambino's baby clothing clean and comfortable.

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Why For the Love of Laundry?

Bambino chose For the Love of Laundry because it is the only dry cleaners in Singapore to use GreenEarth technology. Instead of the usual petroleum-based solvents, which are both harsher for clothing and unfriendly for the environment, For the Love of Laundry uses liquid silicone.

How Does This Matter?

Some of you might be wondering how this matters. After all, baby and children's clothing, which is mostly made from cotton, typically don't require dry-cleaning. And that much is true! The clothing Bambino sends to For the Love of Laundry goes for regular washing—not dry-cleaning.

It matters because Bambino is committed to practising sustainability and working with other causes that do as well. Since For the Love of Laundry is the only dry cleaners in the country to use earth-friendly cleaning solvents, they were the natural choice for us.

If you're currently using other laundry services to dry-clean your clothing, consider checking out For the Love of Laundry today. You can head down to one of their stores to drop off your clothing, or conveniently make a booking for collection and delivery via their website instead.


Want to join us on our sustainable journey with your child? Find out more about our Bambino subscription here. We have clothing for newborns up until children 4 years of age!

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