We've Expanded to Offer a Toddler Clothes Subscription: Here's Why

If you've been following Bambino for awhile, you may have read this piece about why we started a Baby Clothes Subscription. Earlier this week, we expanded our collection to include toddler clothing. Have a child between 18 months to 4 years old? You can now rent clothing for them via Bambino!

"Toddlers don't grow out of clothing so quickly anymore. So why continue to offer a subscription for older children?" you might ask. If you're curious about the answer, we wrote this piece just for you.

Toddlers still grow pretty quickly.

Toddler growing up

They may not go through 7 clothing sizes in 2 years, but your toddler will still grow 8-10 cm and gain 1-3 kg from ages 2 to 3. Between ages 3 to 4, they will experience a similar growth spurt. If you don't want them swimming in their clothing, you're going to have to purchase new items for them at least 4 times during those 2 years.

Many parents will certainly agree that toddler clothes are more, if not equally, expensive as compared to baby clothes. Just as with our baby clothing subscription, our toddler subscription allows you to size up without forking out large sums of money.

Your toddler will always wear clothes that fit.

Do you remember the last time you stood at the store, wondering if you should get the t-shirt that fits your toddler now, or the one that will fit a few months later? You most likely picked the bigger fit, telling yourself that your toddler will grow into it anyway.

Boy wearing jacket with sleeves too long

With a toddler clothes subscription, you won't have to make this choice. Our subscription comes with a 10-day exchange policy. If the clothing we deliver doesn't fit, let us know within 10 days of delivery and we'll switch it up for you.

Our toddler subscription also allows you to choose between regular day clothing, pyjamas for night-time use and slightly fancier outing clothes. We recognise that fit matters more when your child is out and about playing than when they're putting clothes on to go to sleep. In this case, you might decide to purchase baggier sleepwear that can be worn more times and go for a Bambino subscription of outing clothes.

Bambino takes care of the clothes they grow out of.

Whether you have a baby or a toddler, it's a hassle to get rid of clothing they grow out of. The thought of having to sort through clothing to put them into piles for selling, donating, recycling, upcycling and throwing away is enough to put many parents off the task until they run out of wardrobe space.

Sorting through clothing

Save time with a toddler clothing subscription.

Our baby clothing subscription delivers new outfits to you every month because your baby grows so quickly. Since toddlers generally grow less quickly, it only makes sense that we give you more delivery options. You can choose to have new outfits delivered every month, 2 months or 3 months.

Instead of spending all that time sorting and packing, all you have to do is put the clothing your toddler is done with in the delivery bag for pick up before your next cycle. Bambino deals with the rest!

Practise eco-friendly parenting with a subscription.

Ecological protest with placard

We started our baby clothing subscription in order to help reduce the amount of textile waste produced every year. We've expanded our offering to include toddler clothes because we hope to do more. Instead of buying newly-made clothing, subscribing allows you to close the loop, since your toddler is using clothing that's already in circulation. Once they grow out of the clothing, Bambino will ensure that the clothing continues to stay in use rather than go to the landfill.

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