Eco-Friendly Parenting: Choices You Can Make Before Your Baby Arrives

If you've been leading an eco-friendly lifestyle and have a baby coming along, you might be wondering how you can keep this up. With all the sleepless nights and diaper changes looming in the horizon, you know it's likely that you will opt for convenience over sustainability. Having to stay up all night with an infant, we know every second saved counts!

Not to worry, we're here with some choices you can make even before your infant comes along to help you be the eco-friendly parent you want to be.

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1. Buy secondhand for your baby.

From clothes to toys to strollers and cribs, buying secondhand for your baby is a great eco-friendly solution. Your choice to buy secondhand extends the product's life-cycle, and saves all the resources required to produce a new item.

Aside from environmental benefits, secondhand items are almost always cheaper than their brand-new counterparts. This leaves you more disposable income to enrich your children with experiences, whether it's that trip to the Zoo, baby swimming classes or even saving for their university education!

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To start with, here are some platforms for you to purchase secondhand items for your baby:


This online marketplace is no stranger to anyone who's bought or sold secondhand in Singapore. They have a strong "Baby & Kids" category, that includes everything from fashion to furniture to play equipment.

Dedicated Facebook Groups

SG Preloved Baby Goods, Preloved Baby Goods SG, Preloved Baby Goods Deux SG for example, all serve the same purpose of helping users buy and sell secondhand baby items within Singapore. Some of them have rules that you'll have to abide by, so make sure you check those out before engaging! Other groups like Singapore Baby & Mummy Marketplace & Forum allow commercial sellers to advertise alongside secondhand sellers, so be sure to take note of this if eco-friendliness is your main concern.

For Designer/Branded Items

PreLouLou is a secondhand designer clothing platform that specializes in clothing for children. As a buyer, all you have to do is select your clothing, add it to your cart and pay. Avoid all the hassle of negotiating and haggling with your seller! Singapore Boutique and Designer Baby Clothes Brands Buy/Sell/Trade also allows you to purchase secondhand designer items for your baby, but in the form of a marketplace.

2. Consider rental and subscription services.

Infants and babies grow out of their clothing (and toys) unbelievably quickly. While the items themselves remain in good condition, your baby can no longer fit (or show interest) in them. Rental and subscription services, like what we provide here at Bambino, help reduce waste by ensuring that all items in good condition continue to be put to good use!

If you are committed to eco-friendly practices, using a rental or subscription service also saves you the trouble of getting rid of your items in an environmentally-friendly way. Time spent listing products, negotiating with buyers and meeting up can be spent with your little one instead!

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Rental and subscription are also good options if you wish to test a product before purchase. Not sure if a baby carrier, stroller or car seat can meet yours and your baby's needs? Consider testing different versions via rental and only purchasing the one that makes your baby comfortable and works with your current setup. 

These are some options to consider if you'd like to rent or subscribe to a service:


It's a little cheesy for us to list ourselves, but we believe in the work we do in helping you become a sustainable parent! If you're looking for clothing for children between 0-24 months, read more about our subscription plans here


CityBaby provides options for renting strollers, travel cots, carriers, high chairs, toys among other baby products. Renting a carrier for $27 at 2 days or $72 at 30 days may seem expensive, but it's certainly cheaper than spending more than $250 on the same carrier, only to find that your baby cannot get used to it.


VelvetGear provides similar rental options to CityBaby, but has a larger selection of toys, ranging from wooden toy blocks to magnetic tiles to pretend play sets. If it turns out that your child loves these toys and you can see them making good use of them, you also have the option of purchasing from VelvetGear.

The Baby Specialist

For hospital-grade equipment, there is The Baby Specialist. Aside from the items mentioned above, you'll also be able to find breast pumps, home phototherapy equipment and baby monitors.

3. Let friends and family know your preferences.

Upon hearing about the arrival of a new baby, friends and family often buy clothing and toys for the infant as a show of love and care for the parents and their newborn. As a parent concerned about sustainability, you may wish to let your friends and family know your preferences.

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Create a Baby Gift Registry

This increases the likelihood that you receive only the items that you need and don't receive duplicates of items that you only need one of. You can check out some options for baby gift registry here.

Let them know you prefer secondhand

Even among loved ones who care about sustainable practices, many continue to find it awkward and even rude to gift someone a secondhand item. Dispel such ideas by suggesting to your friends and family that if they wish to buy you anything, you prefer secondhand.


We hope you've found this piece useful for making sustainable choices for your baby before they come along. If you'd like to find out more about how Bambino helps make your baby's journey more sustainable, check us out here.

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