Baby Essentials Part I: How Much Does It Cost to Clothe Your Baby in Their First 6 Months?

If you're an expecting parent, you've probably already heard about how expensive it is to raise a child. One major expense will certainly be clothing. Our little guide here gives you an idea of the essential pieces of clothing your child will need from ages 0-2. We'll be using this guide as a foundation to calculate clothing costs for your child up to 6 months old.

How We Calculate Baby Clothing Essentials

Accounting for Different Budgets

We understand that different parents have different means, and so we're providing costs across three levels: budget, standard and luxury.

The "budget" option consists of clothing purchased in bulk over online platforms, without recognised brand names. If price is your main concern when shopping for your baby, you can refer to this category.

The "standard" option consists of clothing from household infant and baby care brands, such as Mothercare, as well as popular clothing brands like Cotton On Kids and Uniqlo.

Finally, the "luxury" option consists of clothing from affordable luxury brand names, such as Ralph Lauren, Guess and Petit Bateau.

All estimates are listed in Singapore dollars.

Brand New or Secondhand?

As Bambino is a business committed to sustainability, we wanted to calculate and offer a "secondhand" price for each of the options above. However, the prices of secondhand clothes differ greatly, depending on factors like the product's condition and seller's desire to move their goods. For a more accurate and consistent estimate, we will only be calculating costs based on brand new items.

For those of you who would like to purchase secondhand and reduce costs even further, you can check out this blog post for more information on platforms that make secondhand purchasing or donations more convenient.

When to Size Up

Since babies grow so quickly, particularly in the first 2 years of their life, we are going to make our calculations based on the assumption that your little one will size up twice in the first 6 months. 

So Here's How Much It Costs to Clothe Your Baby

Summary of how much it costs to clothe your baby based on budget, standard and luxury options

Based on our calculations from prices of baby goods in online stores, this is how much it will cost to clothe a newborn baby until 6 months old:

  • Budget option: $220 ($37 per month)
  • Standard option: $600 ($100 per month)
  • Luxury option: $1500 ($250 per month)

Breakdown of Budget Option Costs

You can take a look at our breakdown for the most price-conscious option below. In this section, we mainly used Shopee to search for our products, then sorted according to price from low to high. We then identified the price based on the first available option with a significant number of purchases and reviews.

We did not take into account the discounts available for purchases with more items, or cashback available via Shopee vouchers. 

How much it costs to clothe your newborn (budget option)

How much it costs to clothe your 0-3 month old (budget option)

How much it costs to clothe your 3-6 month old (budget option)

Breakdown of Standard Option Costs

Our breakdown for the standard price option is below. If your baby has more sensitive skin or skin conditions like eczema, it's likely you will have to purchase clothing from this option since many of the cheapest options are also made from lower quality material.

To obtain the prices in this section, we visited the online websites of the stores mentioned above. We then made a general price comparison and calculated a figure on the lower end of the spectrum.

How much it costs to clothe your newborn (standard option)

How much it costs to clothe your 0-3 month old (standard option)

How much it costs to clothe your 3-6 month old (standard option)

Breakdown of Luxury Option Costs 

Finally, we have the breakdown of the luxury cost option below. In this calculation, we've tailored our prices to those interested in affordable luxury rather than more high-end options, such as a single set of footed pyjamas for $400. We figure this makes the information more relevant to our readers.

How much does it cost to clothe your newborn (luxury option)

How much does it cost to clothe your 0-3 month old (luxury option)

How much does it take to clothe your 3-6 month old (luxury option)

Ways to Reduce Cost on Baby Clothing

If all this seems like a big expense, here are some ways you can consider to help you reduce the amount you spend on baby clothing.

Get a Bambino Subscription

At only $40 per month, our Bambino subscription is cheaper month-on-month than both the standard and luxury options. If you subscribe for 6 months at a go, it works out to $32 per month, which is cheaper than even the budget option.

Do note that our Bambino subscription does not include accessories, such as mittens, socks or beanies. That said, those items are usually cheaper to purchase and can be reused up to 6 months, or when your baby no longer needs them for protection.

Bambino is also hassle-free and sustainable. You don't have to worry about what to do with the clothing after your baby has grown out of it—we take it back, launder it and ensure it is used by another family until the clothes reach the end of their life cycle.

Purchase or Obtain Secondhand

As mentioned above, consider getting your baby's clothing secondhand. This usually reduces the price of the product by at least 10%. Some secondhand products may even be unworn when sold or donated because the original owner's baby grew too quickly for them to use it.

This option is also environmentally-friendly, since you are helping to extend the lifespan of the product. If you're not obtaining it from a known source (such as your friends or colleagues), however, you will have to ensure the quality and cleanliness of the product yourself.

Check out this blog post for more information on platforms that make secondhand purchasing or donations more convenient.

Purchase During Sale Periods or in Bulk

Clothing bought during sale periods or in bulk over platforms such as Shopee, Lazada and Taobao are likely to benefit from discounts. If you have other parent friends, it could save you some money to make a bulk purchase order together. If you are not in a rush to purchase the clothing, you can also wait for a sale period at your preferred clothing store.

If you do choose to purchase brand new, consider making a donation or selling your clothing on secondhand platforms once your baby grows out of it. This extends the clothing's lifespan and may also help you recoup some money.

We hope this article has been useful in helping you decide how to provide for your baby's clothing. Want to find out how much it costs to dress your baby from 6 months to 2 years old? Check out Part II of Baby Clothing Essentials here.

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